Starline ROC

Compact Reverse Osmosis System

The Starline ROC is a compact, high capacity reverse osmosis water filter which facilitates polish-free glasswashing when paired with a compatible Washtech undercounter or passthrough glasswasher or dishwasher. The ROC’s high water throughput enables up to 55 polish-free glasswashing cycles per hour making this the ideal filtration system for busy venues.

Spotting on glassware is caused by minerals in the water left behind when a glass dries. Reverse Osmosis aggressively filters foreign particles from the rinse water prior to it entering the glasswasher ensuring that no unwanted spots or sediment are left behind on the glassware. For optimal results, only use detergent and rinse fluid designed for use as part of a polish free along with divided and tilted glass racks with either adequate storage space to allow for full drying or a drying table to accelerate the process.

Since 1981, Washtech dishwashers have been designed and manufactured in New Zealand to meet the unique local conditions and regulations. Being New Zealand based means that Washtech dishwashers are backed by the most extensive service network and parts availability in New Zealand.

Polish-Free Glasswashing Benefits
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced glass breakage costs
  • Stunning glass presentation
  • Optimised hygiene with less manual handling
  • Improved health and safety
  • Lower chemical consumption
  • Reduced dishwasher maintenance
  • Extended glasswasher/dishwasher useful life
Compatible Models
  • Starline GM
  • Starline UD
  • Starline GL
  • Starline GL-B
  • Starline UL
  • Starline UL-B
  • Starline M1C
  • Starline M2
  • Starline M2C
  • Starline AL
  • Starline ALC
  • Starline CDe120
  • BWT bestaqua 14ROC water purifier
  • Single stage pre-filter
  • Pressurised 14L reserve tank
  • Plumbing kit suitable for glasswasher application
Optional Accessories
  • Drying tables
  • Divided tilt racks