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Washtech Website Terms and Conditions

By accessing the Starline Washtech (“WASHTECH ”) website (“Website”) you agree that the following terms and conditions apply to your use of this Website. WASHTECH may change the content of this Website, including these terms and conditions, at any time without prior notice. In these terms and conditions, all references to ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and ‘Washtech’ are references to WASHTECH Limited. These terms and conditions are in addition to, and do not replace, any specific terms and conditions applicable to any WASHTECH product or service.

General Information
Although all reasonable care has been taken in producing the information contained on this Website, it is of a general nature only. While we try to ensure that the content of this Website is up to date and free from error, we do not give any guarantee or other assurance of the currency of any information on this Website or its accuracy, adequacy, completeness or its suitability for your intended use. This Website is not intended to provide a substitute for comprehensive or specific advice.

To the fullest legal extent possible, Washtech Limited, does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense (including but not limited to financial loss, loss of revenue, loss of profits or savings, indirect or consequential losses) arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, that may result from any error, omission or misrepresentation on this Website or reliance on information contained on this Website. To the fullest legal extent possible, we exclude every warranty and condition of any kind that might otherwise apply in relation to the Website, its content and functions.

Information may be contained on this Website about the products or services of third parties. WASHTECH makes no representation or warranty as to the quality of any of those products or services. From time to time this Website may contain links to other websites. These links are provided for convenience only, and do not represent any endorsement by WASHTECH of the products or services offered by the site owner. WASHTECH makes no representations and accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to the contents of any website linked to this Website that is not under the direct control of WASHTECH.

Changes to Content
You may not do any thing or permit any thing to be done which may alter this Website, or interfere with or affects its operation. This includes, without limitation, removing any information from this Website, adding any information to this Website, linking it to or from another website or distributing any part of this Website to any other person. Any website providers wishing to link to this site may formally request to do so by emailing us here.

Although all reasonable care has been taken to prevent the introduction of viruses and other destructive materials on to our Website, we do not guarantee that this Website is free from such destructive features. WASHTECH accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to any harm attributable to such destructive features. If you rely on any materials available through this Website, you do so at your own risk.

Site Access
Access to this Website may be interrupted, restricted or delayed from time to time. WASHTECH accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to any loss suffered in these circumstances.

The information, images, screens, web pages, logos and brands on this site and the general content of this site are the property of WASHTECH, who hold copyright in it – the information may not be copied or reused (other than as expressly intended by this site) without the prior written consent of WASHTECH. In particular, in no circumstances should the WASHTECH or STARLINE brand or logos be used without the consent of WASHTECH. You may not use or permit use of any part of this site for any purpose other than that intended which is the provision to you of information about STARLINE products and WASHTECH.

Privacy Policy
We may use any information that you directly or indirectly transmit to us to help ensure that we provide you with quality service, and to enable us to keep you informed and up to date with reports, newsletters and details of product changes. WASHTECH Limited may also use it in developing and running WASHTECH Limited and/or providing you with information about products and services that WASHTECH thinks might be of interest to you. If you do not want to receive this information you can let us know by emailing webmaster@washtech.co.nz.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that any identifiable personal information we have collected is stored securely and will not be disclosed outside of WASHTECH (other than to our business partners where relevant) without your consent.

New Zealand Law
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this Website has been prepared in accordance with New Zealand law for the supply of products and services to persons resident in New Zealand only. The content of this Website, and these terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with New Zealand law and New Zealand Courts have jurisdiction. Unless otherwise stated, references to any currency are to New Zealand dollars.
Comments and Complaints

If you would like to make any comments or complaints about this Website or any of the information or services available on this Website, please contact us. We will try to resolve any complaint as soon as possible.

WASHTECH’s Online Services website Terms and Conditions apply to all users of WASHTECH’s Online Services website.