Starline M2C

High Efficiency Professional Passthrough Dishwasher

The Starline M2C represents the latest step in 35 years of local design evolution and is a direct upgrade of our most popular passthrough dishwasher. As part of the Starline Professional Range it combines the best of modern technology with an uncompromising use of high quality components and heavy duty stainless steel construction. The result are machines that you can rely on for great wash results for many years to come.

The M2C will fit into bench gaps between 595mm and 640mm, and incorporates electronic controls providing soft wash start, the eco power saver system, easy to read temperatures for HACCP reporting, chemical pump adjustments and priming, cycle customisation, immediate fault diagnosis and many other options.

  • SEED certified Washtech C3 Condenser makes the M2C suitable for installation without an extraction canopy in many situations
  • The C3 Condenser is a full heat recovery unit which preheats cold water supply, significantly reducing the steam emissions and energy consumption
  • Self cleaning jets located above the heat condenser ensure longevity of the unit and a similar maintenance regime to the M2
  • Standard Features
  • Autostart on door closure 1, 2 and 3 minute cycles
  • Up to 1,080 plates per hour
  • QuikConnect Installation with everything you need including:
    • Water supply hose
    • Dual detergent and rinse aid pumps with injector lines
    • Drain pump outlet hose
    • Compact bench gap
    • No commissioning required
  • Reliable results through robust stainless steel wash and rinse arms with precision stainless jets
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Comprehensive 12 month Starline warranty
  • Low cold water consumption of 2.4 litres per cycle
  • Assured final rinse ensures the correct temperature and pressures every time through it’s rinse pump and 316 stainless break tank
  • Double filtration system via scrap trays and separate wash inlet filter
  • Soft start ensures great wash results through progressively pressurising the cycle to provide a consistent and even clean every time
  • EcoPower reduces temperatures and energy consumption when machine is not busy
  • Includes: 
    2 x 600 70028 - 500mm dish rack 
    1 x 600 70029 - 500mm cup rack 
    2 x C660503 - cutlery container