Comenda NE3

Flight Conveyor Dishwasher

The NE3 series is designed to handle large quantities, washing up to 11,000 dishes an hour. Furthermore it reduces consumption by controlling the speed automatically. Thanks to its innovative technology NE3 automatically selects the conveyor speed depending on the work load, reducing the utility costs to minimum. Developed and designed for heavy and continuous workloads, the NE3 series is the ideal solution for large scale canteens, hospitals, hotels and inflight catering.

Comenda’s NE series are perfect for large volume operations and peak washing times. Robust, reliable and fast, Comenda flight dishwashers are the answer for large-scale canteens, hospitals, hotels and inflight catering operations.

  • Multistage rinse cycle
  • Automatic proportional rinse system
  • Litre meter and power-on meter
  • Rinse aid homogeniser
  • Automatic proportional wash system
  • Counterbalanced doors
  • Emergency over ride