Comenda NE1

Flight Conveyor Dishwasher

Smaller and simpler, NE1 series dishwashers are perfectly suited to small spaces with heavy workloads. Requiring less space and handling, they are the practical alternative to conveyor systems. The NE1 series also guarantees maximum hygiene and shorter wash times.

Comenda’s NE series are perfect for large volume operations and peak washing times. Robust, reliable and fast, Comenda flight dishwashers are the answer for large-scale canteens, hospitals, hotels and inflight catering operations.

  • Flight type dishwasher
  • 3 speeds
  • Counterbalanced insulated doors
  • Double walled insulated body
  • 1000mm Load section c/w extractable filters and splash shield with start/stop buttons and emergency switch
  • 1200mm LR12 Upper/Lower/Side Wash and Rinse
  • 2000mm unload section c/w splash shield with start/stop buttons and emergency switch 
  • Top mounted controls
  • TECH+ Control Panel
  • EOR