COVID-19: Ensuring Proper Sanitisation in your Organisation

With many businesses and other organisations reopening as New Zealand moves out of lockdown, it is important to recognise that while New Zealand has made great strides in mitigating the risk posed by COVID-19, some risk does still remain. As many of us begin to return to work, the business community must ensure that the working environment is safe, not only with regards to social distancing but also ensuring hygienic practices. This is especially key in workplace kitchens, so here are some things to keep in mind.

Cleaning vs. Sanitisation

Cleaning removes visible contaminants from dishes, such as food waste, dirt and grease, usually achieved with water and detergent. Cleaning can remove microorganisms but is not designed to destroy microorganisms.

Sanitisation is designed to destroy microorganisms, reducing their prevalence to safe levels. Proper sanitisation is usually achieved with heat, water and specially designed chemical solutions.

The Commercial Advantage

While handwashing can achieve cleanliness, it cannot provide sanitisation due to insufficient heat and the use of regular detergent.

Commercial dishwashers are built with both cleaning and sanitisation in mind, ensuring that dishes are properly sanitised on any cycle. All Washtech dishwashers meet industry standards for sanitisation on even the short 60 second cycle, making them much more convenient than domestic dishwashers, with little risk of interruption or staff selecting an inadequate cycle option.

Maintenance and Operating Procedures

Organisations that already operate commercial dishwashers should ensure that there is no outstanding maintenance on their machine. Washtech technicians carry out a comprehensive 30-point inspection at every service, ensuring that your machine still complies with the appropriate hygiene standards.

It is crucial that all personnel operating your machine follow the operating procedures that have been outlined by the manufacturer. You can find up to date operator use charts for all current Washtech models on our Resources page. We also recommend that each staff member loads their own dishes into the rack, and thorough handwashing before unloading, as outlined in our Hygienic Dishwashing Procedures chart.

Sales and Support

To enquire about a commercial-grade dishwasher for your organisation, find your nearest dealer on our Sales page.

Existing operators needing service and/or support should refer to our Service page.