Reverse Osmosis Filtration Unit

If you’re looking to buy a glasswasher to clean your glasses, why not have the same machine look after the bulk of the polishing as well? Spotting on glassware is caused by minerals in the water left behind when the glass dries. Reverse osmosis is simply pressurised filtration to remove the majority of the minerals from the water to reduce these considerably.

The ROS unit uses a three stage filtration system, including sediment and activated carbon pre-filters to protect the main RO filtration membrane and maximise filter life. The compact Reverse Osmosis unit delivers highly filtered water to ensure sparkling spot-free glassware.

  • Simple compact design
  • Optional 15 or 53 litre storage tank
  • Integrated pressure booster pump
  • Triple filtration - Sediment, Carbon & Reverse Osmosis
  • Two pre-filters extend life of RO filter
  • Easy change bayonet filters
  • Excellent glass presentation
  • No need to polish glassware
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced breakages with no polishing
  • Better hygiene with less handling
  • Reduced machine operating costs
  • Less energy used with clean heating elements
  • Less chemical used with clean water
  • Reduced maintenance costs - no scale
  • Extended machine life