Starline CDe240

The high capacity CDe240 is the combination of the latest dishwasher technology and Starline's ever reliable heavy duty construction techniques and componentry.

Features include a highly efficient Heat Recovery Unit, full insulation, and 4-stage EcoRinse which deliver significant reductions in energy and water consumption along with steam emissions to the point the dishwasher is certified for installation without an extraction canopy*.

Ease of operation is also assured through dual speed options, accurate digital gauges, easy to clean stainless steel wash cassettes, rinse arms and scrap trays - the latter of which can even be removed from the pre-wash module during operation.All Starline rack conveyors are built to order in New Zealand, with a full system of customised inlet and outlet accessories (including troughs, sorting stations, dryers, roller tables etc.) recommended to ensure optimal processes and efficiency from your wash room.