The new CD100, CD150 and CD200: More capacity, greater efficiency, better value

Today, Washtech officially launches the new Starline CD100, CD150 and CD200 conveyor dishwasher models, with refined technology in the same renown design.

The new CD100, CD150 and CD200 have been re-engineered to deliver the same great wash results at speeds 20% faster than before. This means that the three updated models now have dishwashing capacities of 120, 180 and 240 racks per hour respectively.

The new CD100 and CD150 also see improvements in water consumption from a refined multi-stage rinsing process, and now consume just 240 litres per hour in typical operation, a 20% reduction compared to their predecessors. 

These internal upgrades are accompanied by changes to our conveyor options and accessories. The integrated heat recovery unit (HRU) from our CDe models is now available as a factory option on standard CD models, making this highly effective energy-saving technology more accessible to more customers. Like the CDe, CD with HRU is certified for operation without an extraction canopy in most settings. On top of this, we are discontinuing the former "standard" accessories and significantly lowering prices on our "premium" accessories, so that we now have a simplified range of accessories with both great performance and value.

With the new CD models, heat recovery available across the board, and premium accessories now the new standard, Washtech can now offer conveyor system solutions with more performance, efficiency and value than ever before. Learn more about our range of conveyor dishwashers or find a dealer.