Why Starline?


From glasswashers to rack conveyor dishwashers, our range has been developed to meet the requirements of our diverse client base. With simple controls our machines are easy to use. They wash extremely well and are highly energy efficient. Robust and easy to service, they also last an incredibly long time. It’s not simply a matter of ensuring the ‘big picture’ details are right however. Look past the surface and you’ll find a host of unique strengths that only Starline can provide.


You don’t need a crystal ball to see that the hospitality industry will continue to demand products that are energy efficient and designed with sustainability in mind. That’s why we ensure our technology consumes the minimum amount of resources required to deliver perfectly washed and rinsed glasses, dishes and cutlery.


Our machines are handmade right here in New Zealand, fully welded with extensive use of 304 stainless wash distribution castings. These components are not seen. They sit behind the wash cabinet walls and because they are difficult to get at, they’re expensive to replace. Unfortunately these parts are also subject to significant wear from hot water and aggressive chemicals. Virtually every manufacturer globally uses plastic for these components, but we use stainless steel castings which last for decades. And our rinse tanks and boilers are made either from copper or from 316 stainless, ensuring long service life.

L-shaped tank design with curved corners and easily removable components make for fast cleaning


The new A-type and M-type models provide clear and simple electronic displays with just the right amount of information on the following standard functions:

  • Multiple cycle options for varying soil requirements
  • Soft start to protect washware as the powerful wash commences
  • Ecopower controls which reduce energy use by automatically lowering temperatures when the machine is inactive for some time
  • Self-cleaning cycle for automatic rinsing of the machine with drain cycle activation at the end of the shift
  • Diagnostic settings to advise of faults and set operational parameters which reduces service time and maintenance costs


We have further reduced water consumption across the range, and the new Starline range meets the highest international standards of efficiency with water consumption per cycle as low as 1.5 litres per cycle. Complete retention of hot rinse water also reduces your chemical and energy costs. Maximum rinse temperatures have also been reduced and the Ecopower system automatically allows wash and rinse temperatures to drop when the machine has not been used for a preset period. Thermal insulation in many models reduces energy consumption even further. Combined, these small changes make a difference to life cycle costs.


We have reviewed and upgraded our filtration systems to enhance wash performance. Most models now incorporate a simple weir device or an active control of wash water to ensure fresh hot rinse water in each cycle is retained, while cooler soiled water is expelled. This not only enhances wash performance but also enhances efficiency by retaining valuable energy and reducing chemical requirement.


Everything just got easier. The models in the A-type premium range incorporate thermal and acoustic insulation for a cooler, quieter working environment. Innovative internal systems flush waste from the machine during operation. Informative electronics include external control of the drain cycle to flush the cabinet clean during the drain cycle. And many models incorporate new curved tanks with no visible welds. All these factors help make the new models easy to work with, easy to use and easy to clean.


The A-type range and M2 model incorporate a durable 316 stainless steel rinse boiler that withstands corrosive water conditions. This is fitted with a rinse booster pump to consistently pressurize the final rinse independently of the water supply. Only after the rinse has finished is the boiler refilled, which ensures that a constant temperature is maintained throughout the rinse. So regardless of water supply parameters, you are assured of constant optimum pressure, constant temperature and consistent low water consumption for constantly lower operating costs.


Most Starline machines are now supplied with all service lines fitted external to the cabinet. Hoses for water, waste, detergent and rinse fluid along with the 15 amp electrical plugset are all provided to make installation simple and fast. Premium models and the M2 and XP may be installed on three-phase supply with additional rinse heating (for rapid recovery between cycles) already fitted and available for connection.


Most of our machines have L-shaped tanks designed with curved corners and scrap trays allowing waste to collect where it’s easier to reach and remove. The new electronic controls include diagnostics and a range of parameters (such as detergent injection) that can quickly and easily be set by technicians. We have also maintained our tradition of strong commonality of parts across the range to help ensure immediate and long-term availability of spares.



Reducing water consumption is crucial to efficiency. Our machines are designed with efficiency foremost – whether it’s using less water per cycle, or requiring less water to clean the machine itself. Many Starline models are also one-touch multi-cycle, to provide longer cycle options for more highly soiled washware without using any more water per cycle.


All the water, energy and chemicals go down the drain – and there are increasing charges for water discharge too. So every drop of water we can save going in means an outflow saving too.


All water that gets used must be heated to both wash well in the first place, and sanitise effectively during the final hot rinse. More efficient water usage requires less energy.


Chemicals such as detergent and rinse aid are vital to overall performance, and the consumption of these depends on water volumes. The sums are simple: less water to do the same great job means lower chemical usage – typically saving money as well as the environment.


Sound environmental manufacturing policies are all very well, but of little value if products don’t last long. So everything that goes into producing and servicing Starline systems ensures that a long product lifecycle can be delivered. This means robust construction, careful selection and commonisation of components, simple control systems, ease of servicing and long term parts support. It also means using thicker stainless steel than our competitors, and more stainless parts, even where you can’t see them, throughout the machine. The ‘throwaway culture’ is over. We build our machines to last.

Built to last with extensive use of stainless steel components.

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