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Trolley Washer

The Unikon trolley washing machine is used to clean all trolleys, smoke trolleys. Usually the machine will be adapted to specific customer demands. Special rack systems can be designed to hold your specific items.

The machine can be supplied for pit installation as well as with tanks and pumps beside the machine. The cleaning result of the machine is brilliant thanks to the pivoting spray system. The nozzles move continuously which results in an important improve of the cleaning effect. A very powerful stainless steel pump supplies the nozzles with filtered and continuous refreshed circulation water. The nozzles are on all sides of the machine. Trolleys are cleaned quick and efficiently.

The right hand or left hand swing constructed door is secured with micro switches to prevent water discharge by accidentally opening the door and to prevent machine operation when the door is open. The machine can also be equipped with two doors to enable pass-thru operation. This makes it possible to position the machine in-between low care and high risk area's.